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Back, back, back again!

It has been far too long dear reader. When this blog was originally created we had plans to create content on a regular basis. However 2019 and 2020 both proved to be years unlike any other. That all changes now though. Behind the Curtains is ready to continue where we left off, because as 2020 has shown us, there's a lot to share. A lot to unpack. A lot we need to be talking about. We want to continue conversations through our experiences as Collaborative-Dialogic therapists.

One way this process will unfold will be with fabulous voices contributing to this blog and beginning a variety of conversations. It's as simple as that. My colleague and dear friend Tushanna Price is currently finishing up her post that will be going live this week. Please stay tuned for that, it will be a post you will not want to miss.

We are so thrilled to be back with a passion to create and share what goes on behind the curtains. Thank you for joining us.



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